PureFITFitness Class Sign-up

PureFIT offers a variety of group fitness classes for every fitness level at our state-of-the-art facility in New Smyrna Beach. Learn and be guided to your fitness goals by our fun and energetic trainers. Members can register for group fitness classes right here on our website.

More Info About Our Classes

Group HIIT

Group HIIT is a 55-minute, innovative workout that will improve your total body strength, core agility and overall cardiovascular fitness. It’s challenging but fun, our trainer will keep you motivated to really push yourself to the next level.

HIIT Bootcamp

Take your high intensity interval training to the next level with our HIIT Bootcamp. Lunge, crunch and squat your way to a full body workout as you make your way through each station. Power, strength and agility combine to push you to your limits!

Mobility +

The perfect pre or post workout class, Mobility + aims to increase your range of motion and ease of movement. This class focuses on common trouble spots like the neck, back, hip flexors, and ankles to help improve your body’s overall performance.

Barre Fusion

If you’re looking for a low impact, high reward total body workout, Barre Fusion might just be the class for you. As one of the fastest ways to sculpt your body and create long, lean muscles, Barre combines ballet, pilates, and yoga. These 45 minute workouts set to fun, upbeat music incorporate small, isometric movements and stretching to strengthen and lengthen your muscles. 


A 1 hour, kick ass bootcamp combining HIIT and strength training with bodyweight cardio moves and free weight exercises. Push yourself further than you thought was possible with the ultimate sweat session.

Gentle Flow

Perfect for all fitness levels, Gentle Flow combines alignment and flexibility postures with breathing to help you stretch, strengthen and be refreshed. The ultimate cool down from intense bootcamp and HIIT classes, or just to set you up for the rest of the day and give you a positive outlook!

Core + Ab Burn

An awesome one-hour class designed to build core muscle groups while improving posture with exercises that strengthen the abdomen and back muscles as well as  increase flexibility.

Essentrics Stretch, Strengthen and Tone

The ultimate full body workout, Essentrics combines strengthening and stretching 650 muscles, 365 joints and all the tendons to develop a strong toned body with the complete ability of moving each joint and muscle freely and with full range of motion. It draws on the flowing movements of tai chi, which create health and balance. Essentrics is perfect for injury recovery and prevention, pain relief, stress release and healing promotion.